The UPtick platform saves us time and money because we no longer have to pull managers off their day job to conduct role plays during Sales Onboarding.

Tim Loehr

Internal Sales Manager, JOhn hancock

Uptick as it is right now for on-boarding is fantastic! It makes Purina training proactive and agile.

Gene Feldman

Training Manager, Nestle Purina

UPtick provides a great story for MarketSource clients about how we systematically onboard and develop sales personnel. It assesses strengths and weaknesses, and that information is then integrated with our training program and customized for each sales person to optimize their growth and sales success.

Jennifer Hughes

Innovation Training Team Leader, Market source

UPtick offers a safe platform for students to experiment while being introduced to the basic concepts of consultative selling. Gamification of simulated role play is an effective way to encourage learning and improvement through feedback and iterative exercises.

James McIlroy

Director of University of New Hampshire Sales Center and Lecturer

This is in place of doing a sales modeling program or role playing to further develop our people, but it is less expensive.

Steve Jones

Sr. Sales Training Leader, Genworth

The UPtick simulations allows students to engage in a sales conversation repeatedly so that they can learn from mistakes, get instant coaching feedback, and continually improve.

C. Clifton Eason

PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Samford University

We used Selleration’s UPtick enterprise software to evaluate and rank our sales force. We found the predictions to be spot on, and it helped us further assess and develop the resources we offer clients.

Stephen Hays

CEO and Founder, Alleyoop

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